Industry-Disrupting Technology Brings You Large, Dramatic Beams for Your Log Home that are Maintenance Free!

With demand for real estate at an all time high, and the pandemic disrupting the supply chain, the availability of dramatic, large beams for your log home are scarce. 

Our fabricated logs are the solution! 

Our Patented Composite System is the secret
to Producing the most resilient Timber Homes on the market for a Fraction of the Price

For thousands of years, the construction of Timber homes has been almost uniform... until now!

The only competitors in this space are those manufacturing concrete timbers and siding, but at 2-tons per timber there are some obvious problems.

It is very difficult to buy a wooden boat these days as zero-maintenance fiberglass construction has taken over the entire market. 

We are now at a point where composites will replace aluminum in aircraft construction. 

The handwriting is on the wall. 

Ceramic/composite timbers will certainly be a “Disruptive Technology” for the timber-frame home industry. 

Concrete logs have proven how important zero-maintenance is to a home buyer. Vacation time is short and the owner does not want to find himself scraping and refinishing exterior wood beams or logs, or having to pay for it, just like wood boats. 

Zero Maintenance is precisely why the fiberglass boats took over the entire marine industry.

Below is a photo of our timber cabin mock-up. Next to it is a finished timber-frame home. This is very simply done with the correct siding “Flat Timbers”.

Ditto with the overhead hollow beams. Imitation flat timber siding can change the character of the home dramatically, while at the same time reducing the cost of the home dramatically.

30 years in the making

Dale Ryan, the inventor of Gold Rush Timbers, has been leading the way in the composite space, doing what other's deemed "impossible." 

Take for example this entry way he designed for the Veranda High Resort in Thailand, which was awarded "Most Beautiful Resort Lobby" in Thailand. 

This very dramatic roof and registration desk boasts of laminated beams that measure 128-ft wide, 64-ft high, and 4-ft deep with earthquake rockers on the bottom. 

Dale Ryan's genius has been little-known for far too long. I have no doubt that his new, composite building system will set the world ablaze. He will soon get the recognition he so richly deserves.  

Christopher B.

Designing High-End Timber Homes Is A Snap Compared To The Intricacy of This Structure

People from all over the world stand in awe of the dramatic interior of this intricate ceiling. With grand, triple chord overhead beams, this is an in-demand wedding destination in Thailand. The registration desk can be seen at the far end of the center of the photo. One elderly woman built the two wicker couch canopies to mimic the architecture.

Dale Ryan built this entire structure in 2006 for a jaw-dropping $11,720.32! You would think the prices in Thailand pale in comparison to those of the U.S., especially now. However, with Ryan's patented system, he can reproduce this structure for under $25,000 in materials.

three Unique Products

We offer Dry-in Kits, siding, and one-of-a-kind coating

Gold Rush Timbers

Gold Rush

Gold Rush

The Gold Rush Timber System Will Help You: 

Reduce the price of your building materials by as much as 75%
Enjoy maintenance-free home exterior
Increase efficiency: our SIP paneling is 90% more efficient than any stick home
Up to 300% more durable and rated EF5, the highest wind resistance 
Fire resistant up to 2000 degrees fahrenheight  


Are you ready to invest in the opportunity of a lifetime? Nowhere else in the world can you get more for your money in a building.


Gold Rush Timber Frame Homes brings you a dry-in-shell that is 100% maintenance free, fireproof, and costs 25% of your typical timber-frame home. 

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